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 Crafting for the Guild

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PostSubject: Crafting for the Guild   Sat May 24, 2008 2:05 pm

Crafter rank coming soon; the goal is to have one guild member per tradeskill online at all times to meet your requests. If there are none online, you may send them an in-game mail with the title of the item or service that you require. I.E. - Disenchant, Shield Spike, Super Mana Potion, Knothide Leather Kit, etc.

Of course, best course of action would be to send materials with the request.

We are currently recruiting members for each of the following tradeskills:

Crafter (# of Members Needed)

Alchemist (1)
Blacksmith (3)
Enchanter (1)
Engineer (3)
Jewelcrafter (3)
Leatherworker (3)
Tailor (3)

Must possess a tradeskill level of 300+.
*Please let Spicier or Quinians know if you are interested.

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Crafting for the Guild
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